Preparing for the 2021 Hiring Season and Beyond: MITA Workforce Survey Report

By: Ken Bertolini, Director of Workforce Development, MITA

March through June provided MITA members with the opportunity to complete the MITA 2020 Workforce Survey. Ninety companies participated ranging from road and bridge builders, excavating and engineering companies. 

Data was collected, analyzed and placed in a written report available to all MITA members. What are the expected hiring needs for companies for the upcoming 2021 hiring season and what is anticipated over the next five years? This question including hiring and training practices of MITA member companies can be examined through a comprehensive report that provides these details as well as others and an examination of the details. 

Thank you to the companies that participated in the survey; your input and the number of individuals that participated is greatly appreciated. Your involvement with this project is another example of the strength of your MITA membership and how we are here to help benefit your company and the way you consider hiring, training and retaining your workforce. 

Follow the link provided to download a copy of the MITA 2020 Workforce Survey Report.

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