ENR Risk Review

By: Engineering News Record 

Construction professionals are working hard to stay as informed as possible about the impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on companies, projects and partners. To help, ENR editors will make critical stories from our daily news coverage available for free to all visitors to ENR.com so they can be shared throughout the industry. To see the most recent coverage, click here.

Risk News


SHUTDOWNS NYC Announces Fines Up to $10K If Work Continues on Non-Essential Projects

EMERGENCY ORDERS Across the Country, Firms Face Varying Restrictions Due to COVID-19

CASH & COLLATERAL Pandemic Finance for Contractors: The Major Issues

JOBSITES SF Bay Area Halts Most Construction; LA Issues Stronger Site Safety Rules

JOB CUTS Texas High-Speed Rail Staff Laid Off Due to COVID-19

JOBSITES Mass. Unions Call For Statewide Halt on Building Projects

VIDEO How The Army Corps of Engineers Plans To Build COVID-19 Hospitals

First Read

Shutdowns? What A Covid-19-Safe Construction Site Looks Like

Each city and state has to judge, but construction employers can know how to work safely during the pandemic.


FINANCIAL TURMOIL Anticipating Possible Buyout Attempt, Fluor Announces Poison Pill

REBOUNDS Trump Endorses $2T Public Works Program

DISPUTES  City, Developer Clash Over Demolition Of Collapsed Hotel

REGULATIONS  Citing Pandemic, EPA Suspends Environmental Compliance Rules

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